Thought Elevators: The Secret Of “Destiny Tuning”

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired along with being unsuccessful in your job and life?

Let’s face it things are rough today, the job situation is looking bleak and future pay raises are few and far between. This bleeds over into your home life and affects almost every aspect of a person’s existence. Most of us today are overworked and feeling depressed about the world situation and our economy.

What if there was a way you could change all that? What if you could have more abundance, zest for life, and, of course, the money to do anything you want? Well, it’s all within your mind and reach today. You just need to change your old brain out and put in a new one. “Destiny Tuning” can do just that and is the answer you’ve been looking for!

Sounds far-fetched, doesn’t it?

But, it is possible to do it today. No, you don’t have to go to Dr. Frankenstein’s lab and have your head opened up.

Instead, you change how your brain works from the inside out. This has been proven possible by researchers at Stanford University and New York University who used MRI and PET scanners to unlock the secrets of how Buddhist monk’s minds work when they are in a deep meditative state.

What they discovered can change your life. It seems, Your brain can be changed and reshaped by your very thoughts!

Your brain has an operating Frequency and “Destiny Tuning” taps into it

It has been discovered that your brain has many frequencies it runs at while thinking, exercising, and even sitting still.

University studies with Buddhist monks, Franciscan nuns, martial artists, and people who practice Transcendental Meditation (TM) were found to all alter the frequency of their brainwave activity and slow it down to a frequency between 4 and 7 Hz.

This frequency corresponds to Theta state of mind. In this state, time seems to slow down and inner contemplation is possible. During the studies at Stanford, the physical characteristics of the brain itself changed and certain parts of the brain actually became enlarged and more developed. This plasticity of the human brain opens up entirely new venues in neuroscience research and has created new approaches to changing people’s lives as incorporated with”Destiny Tuning”.

However, for us, the exciting part we don’t have to go through live as we are. We don’t have to be a failure and lose out on what the world has to offer. By altering our brains frequency, we to can benefit from what Buddhist sages and Indian shaman have been doing for centuries.

What’s even better you don’t have to lock yourself up in a monastery for 20 years or go on a vision quest in the outback Australia, based on the discoveries in the distillation of the teaching of many meditative and spiritual disciplines let it be done in as little as 3 minutes.

3 Minutes?

If you were to study Transcendental Meditation or go to a monastery say in Nepal or even in Northern California, you would undergo months of austerity training, practicing breathing, chanting, and contemplating thoughts that have no meaning. All of this is designed to force your brain to function along new pathways and thereby slowing your mind down from its ordinary rapid pace with which we think at during our waking moments.

This methodology, however, is not suitable for today’s fast-paced world, as we have many responsibilities to not only our families but also our jobs and society as a whole. Spending 2 to 3 hours each day getting into a meditative state is not conducive to a happy home life and interaction with the rest of humanity. Something else needs to be done. Destiny Tuning was the breaktrough that made it possible. But it wasn’t enough. Something more was needed. This is where a man named Eric Taller comes into the picture. He was working in the far east for a multinational company and noticed that the harder he worked the more behind he fell with keeping up on his bills. He was only making minimum wage with no prospects of improving his lot in life or getting out from under crushing debt.

This all changed when he happened upon a report that described some of the studies of various forms of meditation and the practices of the above-mentioned monks and other individuals who use their minds more. The study had been left behind by one of his firm’s clients and after reading it, he became curious as to what this information could do in his life.

What Eric Discovered…

Were you aware a Tibetan monk can alter his body’s temperature and withstand extremes of cold that is unheard of?

In fact, One man, Wim Hof, duplicated this ability, as the “Iceman” runs semi-naked across glaciers, and even allows himself to be frozen in a block of ice.

But even more, marvels awaited Eric as he delved deeper into what monks were doing during and after their meditative sessions.

Monks were shown to have less stress, more endurance, and their ability to ward off disease was phenomenal.

During WW II, a man named Koichi Tohei practiced special breathing methods, which altered his brainwave frequency. He was able to drink tainted water with no ill effects. He taught the method to the men in his unit and while others were falling victim to dysentery and even cholera, he and his companions remained healthy and were repatriated to their homeland after the war.

Eric also found that physical coordination, the neurotransmitters throughout the body were accelerated, and astounding physical feats were possible.

Pain control was enhanced. Endurance was increased to unimaginable levels and by altering your state of mind you can duplicate the Buddhist monk’s ability to run long distances, as has been reported in tales recorded by mountain climbers on Everest. They had run across these monks during their climbs, seeing them traveling hundreds of miles between monasteries and suffering no ill effects from their journeying.

Today these techniques were codified and now Ultra Marathon runners cover a hundred miles in a single jaunt. Something that was unheard a few years ago.

These mind techniques not only affected physical abilities. Mental powers of the mind were enhanced as well. Foreign language learners behind the Iron Curtain were making tremendous strides in acquiring foreign languages. Learning rates of thousands of words a day were possible and today this methodology became the basis of Super Learning and has been written about extensively in books, journals, and taught in special training classes across the US and the EU.

But the most astonishing discoveries were still to be discovered.

Luck, Prosperity, and Wealth are all linked to your mental state

This was perhaps the most exciting of Eric’s discoveries. You attract wealth and events occur around you that benefit you. But, only if you alter your brain’s frequencies. You’ve heard of the power of Attraction and “Destiny Tuning” has become a popular meme in today’s vocabulary of human potential.

With “Destiny Tuning”, you create the reality you desire and it manifests itself around, you and can change your whole life almost overnight.

Eric became very exciting about these new possibilities that were opening up before his eyes. He was working in Asia and here the science of altering perceptions and the benefits of meditation were a proven fact.

He made the rounds talking with those in the know and from students of the martial arts, monks, and people who used these techniques in their daily life he slowly started seeing a pattern emerging. Certain states of mind were responsible for the majority of the miraculous things he was learning about. Alpha was one that monks went into regularly and was responsible for them to be able to control their body temperature, blood pressure, and even feel no pain when their skin was pierced by 10-inch needles during experiments conducted by researchers.

But there was another frequency that resided even deeper than Alpha and that was the Theta frequency.

Once he made the connection between Theta, at long last he knew he was on the right track.

Theta the true secret of “Destiny Tuning” and the power of Attraction.

James Lovelock postulated that the earth itself was a living organism, which he named it Gaia.

He went on to show that by being in harmony with the earth, life and existence worked as it should and that many of the ills of today’s world are caused by our ignoring Gaia and working against her would be our downfall.

One thing came out of all of the hoopla over this was that there was a resonance in the world and it was discovered to be around 7-8 Hz. The exact same frequency that the earth resonates at and Tibetan Monk’s brains generate in their deepest meditative states. Healers too were in sync with this frequency when “laying of hands.”

Here was the secret at last. But how to bring it to the common man who had to hold down a job, keep a family feed, and interact with rest of the world. “Destiny Tuning” seemed to be the answer. But, the methodology was cumbersome and unwieldy. He spent 3 hours a day to achieve Theta and he did improve his life. He was able to make better decisions and his newly acquired creativity got him accolades, promotions, and monetary rewards.

But his family life began to suffer. He wasn’t spending quality time with his wife and family.

What was the point of success if he lost his wife and family in the process?

Simplification, Imagery, and a certain sound was the solution

Working with one of his mentors, he was able to create a series of sound recordings that allowed him to enter Theta quickly. So now he was able to reach his creative state faster and then come out of it to be with his family in the real world.

While this was better, Eric thought he could improve upon the techniques taught in “Destiny Tuning.” Again, with the help of his teacher and guide, added imagery that complimented the audio recordings. He tried it out on himself and low and behold, he was able to reach the most creative levels of the Theta state in 3 minutes or less.

After a while, he found he could turn on Theta at will like flicking a switch. He could now do it without the recordings and with this knowledge in hand, he felt he had achieved his goal. His family prospered and while others were struggling to make ends meet. He and his family were in the lap of luxury and all their needs were being met easily and in great abundance. Life was good and what more could one ask for?

That was when he met a co-worker who was down and was reeling under the pressures of day-to-day existence. She thought she was at her wits end and was suicidal with despair.

Having been there himself, he could emphasize with her plight.

Passing the torch

Eric asked his co-worker if she would be willing to try something different. He said that things he had learned from “Destiny Tuning” and other sources had helped him a great deal and it might do the same for her.

She was desperate to change her life and agreed. He told her about what “Destiny Tuning” could do for her and what he had done to improve on it. He let her use the same audio and imagery that he had used in his own transition from failure to success.

She tried them and it worked for her as it had for Eric. The result were striking. A woman who was at the end of her rope was suddenly imbued with new resolve and her life changed for the better.

She too began to experience abundance and she began to attract wealth and happiness in her daily life.

Eric had an epiphany and thought, “Could this work for others?” He felt could change many people’s lives for the better and improve their future prosperity.

The result is now, you too can experience the shift of reality that “Destiny Tuning” provides and by using Eric’s “Thought Elevators”, which distils down what he discovered and affected his life so profoundly along with so many others who have since profited from what he discovered.

Your life can change for the better and wealth and good fortune can now be yours. With just 3 minutes of your time, you enter that state of mind that Yogis, monks, and the Special Force’s “Jedi” trained soldiers now experience on far-off battlefields.

Your understanding of the world will change, you will gain new happiness, health, and perhaps meet your soulmate a well.

So, what are you waiting for it’s all here ready for you and all it takes is a click of a mouse to find out for yourself what it is like to be happy and prosperous in today’s world?

Don’t let your life slip away into obscurity. Make a change in Your brain today.


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