Woodworkers! Coffee Table Plans and 16,000 Other Plans!

Are you interested in woodworking? An expert woodworker already? A Beginner? Not sure you even qualify as a beginning woodworker? Ted’s Woodworking is the perfect place for you! Consider the satisfaction of following carefully written, visually helpful coffee table plans and creating a custom coffee table for your home. That might sound like a challenge for the future; prefer to start out with a simpler project? Ted’s Woodworking has 16,450 different woodworking plans for you to select that first new project from. You can find the perfect project that you are looking for no matter what your needs, wants, budget and abilities are.

Who is Ted? What is Ted’s Woodworking?

Sure, Ted’s Woodworking sounds great: variety in plans and ability levels; reasonably priced; .pdf and .dwg (with included software) available to download. But buy plans from some guy named Ted? Are his coffee table plans even going to create a coffee table?

Ted of Ted’s Woodworking is a real person. Even more, Ted is a real woodworker. Ted McGrath is a certified master woodworker and a woodworking instructor. His woodwork is known both nationally and internationally as high quality masterpieces. He has combined his experienced woodworking plans with fellow woodworking instructor Jim Hanks to create a huge database of blueprints easy for anyone to use.

So the person is real. What about the product? Ted’s Woodworking is a nationally known product. Mentioned on several news channels and print publications, Ted’s Woodworking is a reliable, real, trustworthy set of woodworking plans. Ted’s Woodworking plans were created with the idea that if you can not have a master woodworker with you as you work, these plans are the next best thing.

Coffee Table Plans and More from Ted’s Woodworking

Coffee table plans are just one of a variety of plans available from Ted’s Woodworking. From wooden toys to barns and everything in between the size and style of your project is up to you. Looking for a special set of blueprints? With this kit, it is likely you will find so many projects you want to complete that you won’t know which to start with. You can build your skill set as you create beautiful wooden pieces and those coffee table plans won’t be out of reach for long.

Once you have decided to purchase from Ted’s Woodworking , all the 16,450 plans are instantly and forever available to you. Ted’s Woodworking provides you with every single plan, and you can save them to your computer or make a cd. You can print each plan an unlimited number of times, so polish, water, or coffee spills will not ruin your plans the way it could blueprints from a book or magazine.

Ted’s Woodworking plans are available as both .pdf and .dwg files. Since you might not have the software for .dwg files, you also receive the CAD software necessary to open these. The goal of Ted’s Woodworking is to make the woodworking plans from Ted’s Woodworking as accessible to the woodworker as possible.

In addition, each month, existing woodworking plans are updated and new woodworking projects are added. Your one time subscription to Ted’s Woodworking guarantees you access to all woodworking plans on Ted’s Woodworking for your entire woodworking life. As your skill set changes, as your life needs and wants change, the plans at Ted’s Woodworking will still meet all your woodworking project goals.

Worried that your coffee table plans and all the other woodworking plans from Ted’s Woodworking are lost forever because of a computer crash? Do not be upset! Do not panic! Ted’s Woodworking is a lifetime subscription. Contact the customer service at Ted’s Woodworking and all the woodworking plans will be back at your disposal!

Details about Ted’s Woodworking Plans

Each set of woodworking plans from Ted’s Woodworking are written the intent and belief that you can complete the project. Your timetable to completion might be a little different based on your ability, but every blueprint is written to provide thorough instructions that are easy to follow. Each blueprint has carefully crafted drawings to ensure you understand the explicit and easy to follow steps.

Several of the woodworking plans also have step-by-step videos in addition to the step-by-step directions. The videos are not just intended for beginners. If you are at a particularly intricate step and uncertain how you should proceed, the videos can help. Still uncertain how to move forward? Contact customer service to ask for help before you make a mistake. Ted’s Woodworking is designed to help. Remember – the plans were all created by woodworking instructors, but everyone needs a little extra clarification once and a while.

Do you use metric units and not imperial units? No problem. Ted’s Woodworking plans conveniently provide both types of measurement. This prevents you from making an unfortunate mistake in conversion which would not only ruin your project but cost you valuable wood. A mistake in measurement for a beginner might also be frustrating enough to end a woodworking hobby before it can blossom. Ted’s Woodworking tries to eliminate all the possible areas of error for woodworkers so that the process and project can be enjoyable rather than stressful.

Do you prefer hand tooled projects to machinery centered ones? Not an issue. With thousands of plans to pick from, you will be more than happy with your choices. From easy beginner hand tool projects, mid level starting machine work or master level machinery focused projects, Ted’s Woodworking has woodworking plans for you. The coffee table plans are just the beginning of a vast collection designed to meet all skill sets, budgets and styles.

The woodworking plans from Ted’s Woodworking are not at all similar to the sketchy plans you can find on-line at other sites, for free at the local supply store, or buy in a woodworking magazine. Ted’s Woodworking blueprints are unique. The thorough nature of the woodworking plans is intended to provide everything you need. A supplies list with specific cutting directions and materials is included so you can plan and prepare before you start. You will know all the wood, glue, screws and nails you will need – in addition to finishing options, so you can make one single trip to the store. Nothing will be a surprise. All tools required are listed too, so you won’t be in the middle of a project and suddenly need to go buy a new tool or abandon your woodwork.

Ted’s Woodworking blueprints include carefully written directions that are easy to follow no matter your skill level. The schematics are in color, and provide close up images of joints and important features. Experienced woodworkers will be surprised at how quickly Ted’s Woodworking projects can be completed, while more beginner level woodworkers will appreciate the depth of detail. The blueprints also come with views from every angle, so you know exactly how you project should look as it comes together. Again, Ted’s Woodworking tries to make each project a pleasure to complete.

Do not forget that woodworking blueprints and plans are also excellent starting points. Once you have mastered the basic model of a woodworking project, you can add your own style and craftwork to the project. You might have a favorite set of coffee table plans that you have used in the past. Looking through Ted’s Woodworking coffee table plans might give you new inspiration and ideas for adding to your own plans. You don’t have to just use Ted’s Woodworking plans as stand alone sets of blueprints; combine them with your own knowledge as you gain skills and develop your own sense of style.

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects

Reviewer Thoughts about Ted’s Woodworking

It is easy to fall for marketing. But real woodworkers do not lie about the quality of their resources. People have actually used the coffee table plans, the windmill plans, the bookcase plans and created masterpieces from Ted’s Woodworking. Those people know that the plans from Ted’s Woodworking are a great value and wonderful resource. The customers who offer testimonials to Ted’s Woodworking don’t just value the easy nature of the delivery – just download and go, but also the high quality of the plans themselves and the extra support Ted’s Woodworking offers. In addition, customers who have purchased Ted’s Woodworking Plans have proudly made, sold and given away custom crafted wood pieces of outstanding quality and durability. Ted’s Woodworking plans are designed to be sturdy and long lasting pieces.

If you need more inspiration to buy Ted’s Woodworking coffee table plans and 16,000 more woodworking plans, go to Ted’s Woodworking to read the comments and watch remarks from real customers who have used the blueprints and built products successfully. You will understand the passion those woodworkers have for the craft and for Ted’s Woodworking plans. It will not take you long to realize the benefits of Ted’s Woodworking over a regular magazine or a book. It is not just the overwhelming number of blueprints that make Ted’s Woodworking such a value – it is the delivery and style of the plans that make them the best woodworking plans you will find.

More than Just Woodworking Plans

Ted’s Woodworking Plans also provides a guide to woodworking, providing invaluable tips and knowledge for beginners and experts alike. Videos showing basic woodworking skills are also at your disposal so you can become proficient in all required skills for a project before you begin. Ted’s Woodworking wants you to feel certain your project will be a success before your even start. Maybe you are an expert at hand tools but starting out in machine tools or just haven’t had the time to woodwork in a while so you feel a little rusty and out of practice. The expertly written woodworking guide and demonstration videos can fulfill the needs of a quick refresher or a full out tutorial. The woodworking guide can help anyone feel comfortable with a skill without feeling like it was intended solely for beginning woodworkers.

Thinking of selling your woodworking projects? Really into those coffee table plans and thinking of having a booth at the local fair in the summer? Ted’s Woodworking Plans includes a guide to setting up a woodworking business. The tips and information here are a starting point for you to turn your craftwork into a profitable business. Be certain, however, to check for local and state regulations for any licensing requirements before you sell your work. Ted’s Woodworking can’t do that part for you.

Remember, if you need extra support at any time, Ted’s Woodworking has a help desk. Whether your questions are related to making your purchase of Ted’s Woodworking plans, getting help after a computer crash, or you are stuck on a certain step in a woodworking project, Ted’s Woodworking and its customer service at Ted’s Woodworking are meant to help you be successful and enjoy the woodworking craft. Ask for help from Ted’s Woodworking if you need it.

So What’s Next? I’m ready for Ted’s Woodworking

Go to Ted’s Woodworking and watch Ted’s welcome video – or read the text version if you prefer. Make your decision to purchase Ted’s Woodworking an informed one. Just because you have sixty days to change your mind for a full money back refund, doesn’t mean you will want to do that. Ted’s Woodworking offers that money back guarantee to you so you can have time to look over the 16,450 plans and really understand what you have purchased. The chances are, though, you already know what an amazing resource you are receiving beyond just a set of coffee table plans.

Once you are ready to buy, it is an easy process keeping with Ted’s Woodworking commitment to making everything user friendly. You can choose to pay by credit card or PayPal. You will receive an e-mail with directions, but your browser will also automatically go to the download page, so you can immediately login and download everyone of Ted’s Woodworking Plans from the coffee table plans to the most elaborate clock plans to the plans to make a guitar. Then it will be up to you to pick a project to begin with. Selecting a woodworking project to complete first will be the hardest part of choosing Ted’s Woodworking as your next resource for woodworking plans and support.

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